In addition to well-known flight search engines like Kayak, Google has been offering its own flight search engine for some time now and has equipped it with some fascinating functions - the whole thing is called Google Flights.

With Google Flights, you can flexibly search for flights for months and anywhere in the world. A very useful tool! Especially if you want to search as flexible as possible or do not want to commit to a goal.

Attack of the Google flight search
With flights on the Internet a lot of money is implemented. Large travel portals have their own flight search engines with different functions for some time. With Google Flights, Google is now using the "attack".
Features such as identifying the nearest airport using the IP address make finding flights faster and, above all, easier. The respective airports are also equipped with flight prices, so can easily be compared. Click on the destination to get the connections. The advantage of this navigation is: For example, if you want to fly to Spain at a certain time, you can see at a glance the price differences between adjacent airports. So a cheaper alternative is found quickly.

7 Google Flights Tricks and Tips
Google Flights can compete with many popular flight search engines and has some useful features and extras, such as the best flight based on your current position. Google Flights uses the same algorithm as Kayak or Orbitz. One thing is certain, this tool replaces any travel agent. You do not believe us? Here are 7 valuable tips for you.

1. Be alerted when prices skyrocket
On many routes comes a pop-up, which shows you that the price has risen lately. However, this feature is not possible on every flight and it is not possible to determine when this "warning" will occur. The message shows you how many days remain until the price is likely to rise. If you see this Google flights message, you should book quickly!

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2. No exact destination? Search for a region and get different prices
Just go to "Flights to Europe" or "Flights to Africa" ​​and look at a map with all the flight ports on the continent. In addition, the respective prices are displayed for a flight. So you can compare directly whether it is cheaper to fly to Vienna or to Prague. You can compare the prices directly with each other. Google Flights even offers the ability to filter directly by airline, price or length of flight.

3. Have Google schedule the flight
With "good luck", which is also known from the normal Google search, can be literally looking for good luck flights here. All you have to do is select your departure location and then hit the "Good luck" button. Now, the Google Flights software automatically searches for a destination airport. This feature is ideal for adventurous travelers who want to get to know new cities, countries and cultures. You will also see when the flight is cheap.

4. Google Flights finds the best flight for your budget
The "best price" box tells you which flight and which combination on round-trip or fork-lift is the cheapest option. The green marked price is always the cheapest offer and therefore optimal for your wallet. However, the Google Flights algorithm also offers other alternatives that may be more expensive but faster. It's almost as if the travel agent says, "If I were you, I would not miss this offer.

5. Flexible in the date? Then secure the lowest price
The tool will show you a calendar with all days of the month. Days when the prices are particularly favorable, are marked in green. Here you can compare prices at a glance. If you are not dependent on a fixed travel period, you can make a few bargains here. Under the "Price graph" tab, you can also see if the price will rise or fall in the near future

6. Automatic changes can save you money
If you are looking for a flight for a specific date, it may be that the "tip bar" appears and indicates that there is a cheaper flight at a later or earlier date. It may also be that an alternative airport is offered nearby. If you are flexible in time and place, then you have a good chance of getting a bargain.

7. Insider tip - monitor flight and strike at the low price
If you have found a flight, just switch on "Watch Price". Google is now monitoring this flight and will let you know by e-mail when the price drops and you should strike. Plus, you can now watch the price change from day to day - a great feature of Google flights.
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