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The Doczer Marketplace is the destination for online digital download sale and distribution and a tool for online digital download sale and distribution. Using our Marketplace you can buy and sell different products for Your Company, you can also specify the prices the files are sold for, the marketplace owner/admins make the final decision what the file is sold for.

Finding and Buying Items

There are lots of ways to find the items you want:

  1. Category List – Extensive category list here.
  2. Keyword Search– Access the search field on the top right of any page.
  3. Popular Files – Check out our weekly summary of the most popular items.
  4. Collections – Browse our user-compiled item collections on a variety of themes, files and document.
  5. Featured Files – Hand-picked by our site editors each week.
  6. Top Authors – Look through the portfolios of our top authors.

You can buy items immediately via Paypal or use prepaid deposits. (Please do not pay for files with your actual Paypal account as this is a demo)

Item Support and FAQs

All items for sale on the Marketplace are reviewed to ensure they are in good working order and are easy to use. Further item support such as alterations is at the discretion of each author. And you can always use the item commenting system to get support from authors.