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Contractor Invoice Template

A nonnegotiable commercial instrument issued by a seller to a buyer. It identifies both the..


44 Sales
Project Charter for Project Investment

Template for specifying a project charter for project investment. Template is modifiable.


44 Sales
Project Proposal

Excel template guide for proposing a new project. Modifiable excel template.


34 Sales
Financial Guide to Due Dilligence

Financial Due Diligence guide for mergers and acqusitions and investments. Step by step guide..


26 Sales
Investment Proposal Template

Template for creating an investment proposal. This PowerPoint template is fully editable.


48 Sales
Financial Statement Analysis for Modelling

A complete and instructional , template guide for financial statement analysis. Detailed guide..


31 Sales
How to Pitch to Investors

A Guide to Pitch to Investors for funding. A total of 40 slides guides the reader into how to..


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DCF Valuation Model

Discounted Cashflow Valuation model used by investment banking and private equity professionals.


36 Sales
Purchase Payment of Business Template

Purchase Payment of Business Template. Fully customizable document.


43 Sales
Private Equity Buy-side VC Valuation Model

This is an actual template model for Private Equity and VC professionals. Used by major private..


33 Sales
Financial Projection Template

This 12 month financial projection template covers the following: Sales Projections - 12 Months..


28 Sales
Truth about Grants

“Free Government Money” sounds too good to be true and quite honestly it is. Do government grants..


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The Five C’s of Credit

Amongst all small business owners seeking finance ask this question, “what will the bank be..


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