Business Management

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IT Strategic Planning

This is a comprehensive IT strategic planning document. 30 Slides of fully editable and step by..


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Marketing Strategy Instructional Guide

Instructional Marketing Strategy Guide. This document has guidelines, templates and commentary to..


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Capital Budgeting Analysis

Budgeting analysis for projects or initiatives within companies.


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Business Purchase Agreement

Agreement to initiate purchase of a business. Fully editable template.


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Project Workplan Template - Balanced Scorecard

Project Workplan Template - Balanced Scorecard in a modifiable excel worksheet. Used by..


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Mutual Hold Harmless Indemnification Agreement

This is a Mutual Hold Harmless Indemnification Agreement template between two entities. This..


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Strategic Plan Template *Best Seller*

High quality and simple to use strategic planning templates. These are the best strategy..


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Art of Cross and Up Selling Marketing Tutorial

Art of Cross and Up Selling Marketing Tutorial. Excellent for presentations and planning.


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Consulting Style Business Plan

This document is an example of a complete consulting style business plan..


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Tutorial on writing and presenting business plans

This presentation will help you žstructure, form content, & use appropriate format and..


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Writing Business Proposals

This template talks about the structure and language of the business proposal and helps persuade..


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Business Plan Template

This business plan template for a corporation consists of all the details like the confidentiality..


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Business Plan Guidelines

This template consists of a business plan guideline suitable for most of the business, mainly..


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Business Plan for Vehicle Services Business

This business plan for vehicle service business gives a case study, which includes mission,..


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Business Plan for Start Up

This business plan is a generic model suitable for all types of start up businesses. The..


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Business Plan for Product or Project

This is a template for a Product or Project Business Plan that describes the rationale for a new..


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Business Plan for Franchise Business

This document is a  Franchise Business planning guideline. It helps in quickly..


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Buisness Plan Outline

This document consists of detailed requirements of every business plan, namely the following :..


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